Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How much do babies cost?

A good friend suggested I start a blog because I always have so many stories to share about my crazy life with 3 boys 5 and under. I decided it would probably be a therapeutic experience for me so I began thinking of the kinds of things I would write about. When I picked Maddox up that afternoon he got in the car and immediately began talking about things he wanted and how much money they would cost. Money is a new issue on his mind, and he constantly ponders why money controls everything and why things have to cost so much.

After asking numerous times why I think $4.00 is too much for a baby zhu zhu pet, he said "well, how much do babies cost, because we have plenty of them?" So, just as I have spoken to him since he was a baby I began to explain that babies themselves don't cost anything but their food, diapers, etc... cost plenty and that I also had to pay the doctors and the hospital to take them out of my belly. (note: this is the same child that at 3 told me that the twins were not in my belly they were in my uterus) He thought about this for a few seconds and then said, "I hope you got back some of the money for me cause I think they cut me with the knife, in those pictures of me as a newborn I was bleeding all over!"

I explained the blood, we talked about reproduction a bit more and then he said "I hope I met some friends in the nursery!"  Ok- I thought, I will surely be able to find some topics to write about!

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